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Parts For Lift

  • Марка: ЗАЗ
  • Модель: 1105 «Дана»
  • Ваше имя: Parts For Lift
  • Телефон: +7(234)242-42-34
  • Размещено: 19.07.2019 11:28
  • Истекает через: 19 дней, 22 часов


These are the special tools for motorcycle repairing.If you need any of them, please contact us.
1. CLF210 CENTER JACK, for second lifting of motorcycle
2. CLF105 WHEEL CHUCK, manual chuck for motorcycle front wheel
3.CLF260 SHOP DOLLY, for motorcycle stop
4. CLF220 FAT JACK, lifting motorcycle central part to easier repairing
5.CLF230 UTV JACK, jack for motorcycle
6. CLF280 MULTI LIFT JACK, jack for motorcyle
7.CLF 610,CLF620,CLF630 EXTENSION, optional parts to realize reparing more kind of motorcylce
8.CLF100 QUICK WHEEL CHUCK, quick chuck for motorcycle front wheel

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